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Was Jeff Bezos the weak link in cyber-security?

Original BBC article here –

It doesn’t matter how rich you are, if someone can steal your data and use it to embarrass you then that makes you a weakness and a risk to your company.

One of my biggest concerns when I was the CISO for a major futures exchange in Chicago was that one of our staff would accidentally allow a hacker or state sponsored actor into our systems and compromise our security because no matter how much money we spend of cyber security we still had to let the staff onto our network and access our data – after all that’s their job and the whole reason our businesses exist. So we used to run regular phishing campaigns to test them, but also to raise awareness amongst anyone who fell for the trap, after a while people got better at spotting the signs but its a never ending battle because the bad guys are always getting better and better.

Do you know if your email address and password is available on the Dark Web to any one willing to pay a few pennies for it? This is what Cyber Alam does. We constantly scan the Dark Web for your personal data and we let you know if we find anything worrying.