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Ensure your business meets the cybersecurity standards set
by the UK government.

Protection against hackers without the hassle

No lengthy installations or certifications are required to start your free cybersecurity scan. Once you’re signed up we’ll run hundreds of tests on your domain, website and email address and we’re constantly adding more.


It starts with your domain

We won’t ask you lots of questions or have you fill in long boring forms. Once your domain is registered, we’ll do the rest.

Scanning 24/7

We run hundreds of tests that assess the security of your business’ domain, email addresses and website. As well as looking at your business’ internal security, we search the internet (including the dark web) for hints of a cyberattack or a data leak.

We look for errors in your security configurations, outdated certificates, risks of data theft and more.

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Cyber Alarm alerts - how it works

Getting your priorities straight

We use a traffic light system so you can focus on what’s urgent. By directing you to the problems that are causing your business disruption right now and lining up warnings that need to be addressed in future, you’re able to take the responsibility for your cybersecurity into your own hands.

We work hard to make it easy

Our team works tirelessly to turn technical information into simple language, so you can get the issue resolved quickly and easily.

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127 tests today and we’re always adding more

We’re adding new tests each week to stay one step ahead of the evolving landscape of cybercrime. Our tests run constantly so that any new threats can be dealt with quickly and easily.

Finding your leaked emails

In order to prevent criminals from gaining access to your private accounts, we check whether the email addresses and passwords you or your staff use for online services have been leaked onto the internet. We then alert you if there is evidence of a breach.

Data breach tokens

These allow you to track if your company’s data has been breached by generating a secret test entry for you to add to places where you store and manage your customer/supplier data. If this test entry ever receives an email, we’ll automatically alert you of a potential data breach.

Email antispam

We let you know if you’re at risk of email fraud, and continuously check that your email addresses are secure.

Listening to hacker chatter

We listen out for your domain name on hacker forums and alert you if you become a target for an attack.


We monitor anti-phishing services for your domain and notify you if hackers have run a phishing scam on your website.

Blacklist monitoring

We monitor more than 40 blacklists of email addresses, IPs and URLs and immediately notify you if you appear on one.

Security certificate scan

A TLS Certificate verifies you as the owner of your website; we warn you when yours is about to expire.

WordPress vulnerability check

We detect and report vulnerabilities in plugins, themes and outdated versions of WordPress.

Website configuration

We check what servers your domain is connected to and compile them in an easy-to-read list.

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