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A cyber security platform for SMEs

Cybersecurity made simple by Cyber Alarm

Taking the complexity out of cyber security

Cybersecurity alert from Cyber Alarm

We offer a solution that alerts you when your business has been hacked or is vulnerable to being hacked.

What to do if I've been hacked

We let you know what to do, filtering out all the technical jargon and providing you with information in plain English.

cyber security in language you understand

We tell you how urgent the issue is, how likely it is to impact your business and who can fix the problem.

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1 in 3 small businesses have fallen victim to a cyber attack
Hiscox Report
Each year half of UK businesses suffer a cyber-attack or security breach
Cyber Security Breaches Survey
UK small businesses are targeted with 65,000 attempted cyber attacks per day
It can take 4 months for a business to know that it has been compromised
UK government report
Cyber breaches cost the average small business £27,700 in basic 'clear up' costs every year

How it works

We scan for vulnerabilities 24 hours a day

We highlight known vulnerabilities that hackers can use to attack your site. We look for tricks used by hackers to breach your systems, such as using default passwords or using your stolen personal data.

Looking out for hacking issues
Searching for Cyber Security threats

We search email blacklists and the dark web

We let you know if your domain, emails or usernames are on databases and vulnerable to exploitation. We also track any of your customer information stored on cloud services to ensure you are aware of any GDPR compromises.

We monitor your website, servers and hosting

We look for major changes in your website and systems which could indicate someone is trying to hack you. At the same time we ensure that your internet services are properly configured to be as secure as possible.

Monitoring 24 hours a day for Cyber Security issues


Most outsourced IT companies provide support and help to you, but are not accountable when your data is stolen or when your website goes offline. They also don’t have time to monitor everything every hour as we do.

Cyber Alarm gives you useful information on what you should be asking your IT support company, such as which systems you have that need to be upgraded or where there is a weakness in your security.

Small and medium sized companies are just as much at risk as larger companies. Hackers don’t care about the size of your company, they are out to steal as much information as possible or email domains and websites which they can then sell or use to attack other targets. 

AntiVirus and other software that you install will only protect your computer from hackers. It won’t stop people stealing your domain, your usernames and password, hacking your website or anything else that you store in the cloud.


Our Team

Dominic Aslan - CEO of Cyber Alarm

Dominic Aslan

I set the product vision and identify what services will be valuable to our clients. I lead the technical development, business strategy and operations.

My background includes 20 years IT experience with businesses such as Nestle, ED&F Man and Burberry.

Matthew Joyce - Technical Lead - Cyber Alarm

Matthew Joyce

As Cyber Alarm's technical lead, I develop and constantly improve the technology that monitors the security of our customers Internet assets.

I'm an Information Security specialist with over 30 years of IT experience for HSBC, Visa, Vodafone & the NHS.

Ashley Pollak - Co-founder of Cyber Alarm

Ashley Pollak

As the customer voice of the brand I develop all messaging and marketing. I also contribute to product development from the perspective of an SME owner.

20 years experience in advertising and marketing for PwC, Telefonica, BP, Disney & Barclays Capital.

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