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When everything you do every day is online you take a huge amount of trust in the providers of the services you use. People like Facebook, Amazon and Google spend millions of dollars security their systems (and therefore your data) but there are now so many ways for criminals to steal your data or compromise critical systems it is inevitable that more than one security solution is required. Put it this way, you don’t just put a lock on your door and forget about home security, do you? You also have burglar alarms, CCTV, motion activated lights, bars on your windows, deadlocks on the door maybe even a guard dog. The internet is no different we have some of the tools you have probably heard of such as Anti Virus and Firewalls but those are just locks on the door to really increase your security you also need to be monitoring your data, applying security patches, upgrading old software, web proxy (or filters), Intrusion Detection, honeypots, privileged access management, data-loss prevention, the list goes on and on.

It’s no surprise then that the Cyber Security industry is due to be work $170 billion is just a few years time. It’s also not a surprise that to small businesses and individuals this whole world seems daunting and confusing.