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About us

We set up Cyber Alarm as we saw that despite the growing threat of cyber attacks on small businesses there wasn’t a simple subscription based service which tackled the problem.

We want to cut the jargon from cyber security, to demystify and simplify the actions that you need to take as a small business owner to make your organisation more secure. 


We have developed the business from three very different perspectives:

  • As an IT Director Dominic has been responsible for the sizeable cybersecurity budgets. He noticed that despite the increasing number of cyber attacks on small businesses there wasn’t an affordable option for them to tackle the threats.

  • Meanwhile Ashley, running a series of small businesses, had never taken cyber security seriously until his business was hacked and he suffered the consequences.

  • Matthew has brought his expertise in planning and building security technology that has kept FTSE 100 businesses secure.

Dominic Aslan - CEO of Cyber Alarm

Dominic Aslan

I set the product vision and identify what services will be valuable to our clients. I lead the technical development, business strategy and operations.

My background includes 20 years IT experience with businesses such as Nestle, ED&F Man and Burberry.

Matthew Joyce - Technical Lead - Cyber Alarm

Matthew Joyce

As Cyber Alarm's technical lead, I develop and constantly improve the technology that monitors the security of our customers Internet assets.

I'm an Information Security specialist with over 30 years of IT experience for HSBC, Visa, Vodafone & the NHS.

Ashley Pollak - Co-founder of Cyber Alarm

Ashley Pollak

As the customer voice of the brand I develop all messaging and marketing. I also contribute to product development from the perspective of an SME owner.

20 years experience in advertising and marketing for PwC, Telefonica, BP, Disney & Barclays Capital.